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Darmstadt offers plenty popular attractions and many, many secret places that are not to be found in any travel guide. Here you will find both. This section is constantly being expanded. You will notice that Darmstadt is always worth visiting both on a weekend and for a short holiday.

The Mathildenhöhe with its artist colony

The lovers of beautiful art nouveau ensemble must not fail to visit the Mathildenhöhe with the famous colony of art nouveau in Darmstadt. The Mathildenhöhe is at least 180 meters above sea level and is the highest point in downtown Darmstadt. In 1833, the Mathildenhöhe was redesigned in the style of an English landscape park. Worth seeing are the Sycamore Grove and the Russian Chapel. Under the Mathildenhöhe are the Darmstadt catacombs. The vault had probably different uses, such as that of a body vault or of a beer cellar.

The Art Nouveau apartment buildings on the Mathildenhöhe are called artist colony. The artists worked here until 1914. In addition to the apartment buildings the galleries and workshops can be visited.

The landmark of Darmstadt – the Wedding Tower

The Darmstadt Wedding Tower is 48 metres high, and is located on the Mathildenhöhe. It is worth it to walk or to take a lift up to the observation platform on the seventh floor. You have a choice: climb up the196 steps or use the elevator to the observation deck. The beautiful panoramic view overlooking Darmstadt compensates for the tiring climb. The Tower, made of brick, which is also associated with the art nouveau, owes its name to the wedding of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig to Princess Eleonore of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich in 1905. Because of its roof design, the Wedding Tower is called the Five Finger Tower.

Forest Spiral of Hundertwasser

We hear often “ahs and ohs” from guests who have visited and seen the Forest Spiral. It is the last work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.  It was completed in the year 2000. This apartment house has its own restaurant on the upper three floors. The panoramic terrace overlooks the Odenwald and the Frankfurt skyline.



The Rosenhöhe

The people of Darmstadt could not get enough beautiful parks. As early as 1810, the landscape park Rosenhöhe was created. Together with the Mathildenhöhe, Art Nouveau houses and the Wedding Tower, it is a must for all lovers of Art Nouveau and beautiful landscape parks.

Luisenplatz and the monument of Ludwig

“The place to be” – this is the central square of Darmstadt. All the important bus and tram connections stop here and it is the beginning of the pedestrian zone; in the middle stands the monument of Ludwig. On the perimeter there is a row of historical buildings next to each other, including the Regional Administrative Council, the Merck House, the Carrée and the Luisencenter. In December, Darmstadt’s tallest Christmas tree is alight here.

The Residential Castle Darmstadt

In Darmstadt centre, you will find the Residential Castle Darmstadt, the residence and seat of the Hesse Landgraves between 1806 and 1919. The castle should be completely renovated by the end of 2017, then the Technical University and parts of the Central Administration will move in.

In the castle museum, 22 exhibition rooms show the courtly life and the history of the Landgraviate. The Museum can be visited from Friday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.

The narrowest sidewalk in Germany

Address: Bessunger Straße 18

When the Darmstadt tram was built in 1897, it had to be planned with precision.  In the Bessunger str. 18, a wide backcombed hairstyle hardly fits between the tram and the house wall. In Bessungen, there are still numerous, interesting old buildings, which definitely do not want to be moved because of a wide tram. So watch out for your health sake.

Darmstadt’s mini river – the Darmbach

Yes, the tiny river is really called like that. The source of the Darmbach is in the Darmstadt east forest. The Darmbach supplies the swimming lake Woog with fresh water and still trickles for about 250 meters through the Rudolf Müller facility. Then it disappears underground, or, in other words, into the municipal sewer system. Who would have thought of that?

For almost a century there is an ongoing dispute in the Town Hall, if one should open up again the Darmbach and let it flow as a creek through the city with pure water. Attentive visitors may discover the Darmbach simulation channel.

The Darmstadt Christmas market with a manger without an ox

At the annual Christmas market you will see special Christmas huts of partner cities of Darmstadt. Thus, the culinary specialties from Holland, from Switzerland or from the Ukraine enrich the Christmas market. Moreover, every year, the organizers and the association of exhibitors build a manger with life-size statues. Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and a donkey. All stand there. Only one is missing, the ox! We cannot tell why that is so. However, it is always fun to let visitors guess what is lacking in the manger…

The cow on the smallest pasture

Only if you have an eye for small, fine details, you will discover this little gem. On the fourth floor Marktplatz 4, a small cow sculpture is kept on the balcony. In addition, when you take a ride with the ferris wheel at the famous Heinerfest, you will discover and almost think that you could scratch the cow between the horns.

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